About Us

My name is Avee-Ashanti Shabazz, CEO of e2 Business Solutions. I've
been a successful Entrepreneur since 2006. Armed with a 9th grade
education, and hampered with numerous felonies....I’ve started 7
My mission with e2 Business Solutions is to put every person I can into
a tax property and thereby change their life! We have been in business
1 year, in which time period we have facilitated over 25 students who
have went on to acquire properties and who are in the process of
Acquiring properties. In 1 year, e2 has sold and acquired properties to
grow its worth to $305,000! We have done this while not being profit
driven, but rather facilitating the Affordable Housing Crisis for families
here in Birmingham.
Away from work I am a full time father, homeschooler, and Community
Organizer. Above all: I AM......A REVOLUTIONARY!